Creating Individual Websites

The mission of the VGWebDesign Project is the creation of individually customized websites. The project is divided into the phases conception, layout/design, writing of sourcecode and content management.

Developing Concepts For Websites

The development of concepts for websites is broadly underestimated by web designers. A lot of times the focus is on colorful graphics and special effects. The result - more often than not - is a website that looks like an advertisement and has no real content.

The strength of VGWebDesign is the amount of work being put into the developmental phase and the creativity in outlining fundamentally sound concepts. After all, what value does a website possess if it doesn't have a message?

  • Feasibility studies
  • Identification of your target groups
  • Development of your messages and statements
  • Derivation of page layout and site structure
  • Analysis of methods to promote websites

Layout And Design Of Websites

In collaboration with you VGWebDesign will develop the general appearance of the website layout and design. This step includes the following issues.

  • Developing a corporate identity
  • Selection of harmonious fonts, colors and contrasts
  • Creating graphical elements
  • Useful and easy-to-find navigation

Writing Sourcecode For Websites

The writing of sourcecode happens in the background. The customer usually doesn't see this part of the process. The writing of sourcecode molds the concepts and the design together.

The main focus of the VGWebDesign Project is on programming valid code. The sourcecode is written strictly according to the standards of the W3C Organization. This secures the best compatibility of the websites with different browsers.

The philosophy of the VGWebDesign Project is anchored in the strict separation of content and layout of websites. This can be achieved by writing the content in HTML/XHTML and linking the design via cascading style sheets (CSS).

Customer Service And Content Management

Maintaining the websites is a very important issue. The biggest turn-off for visitors is a website that is not up to date. Interest will fade and the visitors will not return.

To counter that phenomena a customer service and maintenance is offered by the VGWebDesign Project. In the age of the internet this is called content management.

With the implementation of the right content management system you will be able to professionally maintain your website content with ease. My favorite CMS is TYPOlight. It has proven to be extremely flexible and easy to handle. If requested I design website with other CMS, for example Joomla.