How It All Began

One morning I woke up and felt inspired... that seemed to be the case with me in the 90s. While studying civil engineering at the university I developed a strong interest in everything that had to do with computers and the internet.

For a long time I was lacking the necessary talent in art - a circumstance that probably made me an engineer instead of an architect - but the combination of computers and the spirit of creating lead me to the wide field of web design.

Starting To Walk

Slowly but surely. This is how you could describe my first steps on the long road to web design. Behind closed doors I started to hit the keys on my computer's keyboard. Like the possessed Dr. Frankenstein I created a monster.

Homepage Of Volker Gursch

At the end of my studies at the University of Darmstadt I was looking for ways to implement my increasing knowledge of HTML. I decided to complement my job application papers by an online resume and curriculum vitae.

After a long search in my old files I recovered the sourcecode. Here is the link to my old homepage. The pages can serve as a motivating example for novice web designers since they really are not very beautiful. But everyone has to start somewhere.

TU Darmstadt Study Trip To Canada

Somehow the next opportunity to use my HTML knowledge came out of the blue. The Institute of Hydrology of the University of Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt) decided to go on a study trip to the University of Guelph, Ontario (Canada).

The impressions of that journey had to be captured by student reports. The question that came up afterwards was how to present these results. I suggested the online posting on a website.

The created pages were online until a makeover of the university's homepage just recently. I could recover a copy of the material. So here we go to Canada!

First Improvements

My interest in creating websites was growing, you could even start calling it web design...

The Wayne Gurken League (WGL)

The Wayne Gurken League is a private fantasy football league. The number of general managers has grown to eight. This made it necessary to create a location for the exchange of information. The league was founded in 1994, the first website followed shortly afterwards. It was re-designed for the 2005 ans 2011 season.